In order to get cheap VoIP one need to manage the system and set up the necessary configurations.

Ports used by BudgetVOIP.netFirst, open the following ports in your firewall on your ADSL Router and your Operating System.

  • Port 5060 TCP and UDP
  • Port 5061 TCP and UDP
  • Port 5004 UDP

Other VoIP Related Ports

  • Ports 3478-3479 UDP for STUN services
  • Ports 16348-32768 UDP (RTP, RTCP multi-media Streaming)
  • Ports 4000-4099 UDP for T.38 Fax

All VoIP Phones have a similar setup.  This is an example of a Siemens Gigaset setup.

Choose Settings from the top navigation, followed by Telephony and >> Connections from the menu on the left-hand side. Now click the Edit button and on the new screen enter the following details to configure your Localphone account, leaving any other fields blank or as their default value:

  • Authentication Name: [SIP Username]
  • Authentication password: [SIP Password]
  • Confirm authentication password: [SIP Password]
  • Username: [SIP Username]
  • Domain: [Server IP]
  • Display name: [Full Name]
  • Registrar server: [Server IP]
  • Registrar server port: 5060
  • STUN Enabled: No