SIP Is the Next Step of VoIP Development

Note that the H.323 specification is oriented towards the use of “stupid” terminals, and all management functions and services are performed on central servers. At the first stages of the development of VoIP systems, this feature was perceived quite naturally, because of they, in fact, were the successors of conventional telephone services. But you will agree that in the Internet age such architecture already seems archaic. After all, there is no place for such a variety of opportunities to increase the functions and services that the World Wide Web provides today. And as the time dictates a new model for building VoIP systems, based on the open protocol Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) and Java.

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Achieving Optimum Voice Quality

Voice Quality – Recommended best practices to ensure you get the best VoIP experience

Internet Speed inportance for wholesale VoIP termination

The faster your Internet upload and download speed, the better the quality of VoIP services, that’s the simple undeniable fact.  Faster Internet speeds also allow you to talk and surf simultaneously, whereas with a slower internet connection talking and surfing simultaneously will affect both voice quality and Internet download times.  However, speeds from 384Kbps can be used if you use your Internet optimally and do not talk and surf simultaneously.  For example, a 384Kbps ADSL line has a download speed of 384Kbps, but the upload speed is only 128Kbps, sufficient for using VoIP, but not recommended if you plan to talk and surf at the same time. Continue reading “Achieving Optimum Voice Quality”